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Photo Licensing and Purchasing

Thanks for your interest in my still images, and if you're wondering how you could use one or more them on your own website, commercial project, or even get a print, then read on.

Free Image Use

Yes - Free!

If all you want is to copy an image from goHOWie.com to use on your own website or social media (for non-commercial purposes) then feel free to use the right click 'copy image URL', 'save image as' or 'copy image' methods to get a link or copy for the image you like and paste it where you will.

The images on this website are all 8 bit jpegs in the sRGB colour space, sized at 800 pixels on the longest edge, except for panoramics, which are a little larger.

All I ask in return is that you leave my watermark visible, and include a link back to my website if at all possible so that folk can find me if they like the photo.

If you're feeling especially generous, you can also leave me a tip via the PayPal button below. Thanks very much!

Print Your Own (personal use only)

Do you like one of my photos so much that you want a print to hang on your wall at home or at work?

If so, then instead of paying me to print and ship you a copy, and if you're confident to print from a digital file, why not consider the 'Print Your Own' option?

Just email me on howard@howardlitherland.com to let me know which image you want and I'll send you the full sized 8bit jpeg file (no watermark) in question by email or internet transfer.

Regarding payment - I work on trust so I'll leave that up to you.

Just make a donation via the PayPal button below, to the amount you reckon the image is worth to you and that'll be fine.

Please note that the 'Print Your Own' service is for you to print an image for personal use only, not for any commercial purposes.

Printing Arranged By Me

If you prefer to have me arrange printing of a goHOWiE.com image for you, either on canvas (complete mounted on wooden frame) or photo paper, by one of the leading UK printing services, then please email me on howard@howardlitherland.com, stating the file name of the image you want, together with how you want it printed (canvas or paper), what size and where to be delivered (UK adresses only).

I'll then email you back with payment details, and once payment has been received I'll arrange printing and delivery to your specified address.

Commercial Image Licensing (Rights Managed Only)

Amost all my images shown on goHOWiE.com are available for commercial licensing using the Rights Managed (RM) model.

Price is by negotiation, and will be affected by factors such as the uses to which the image will be put, whether or not exclusivity is required, geographical area covered and so on.

To start the ball rolling, email me on howard@howardlitherland.com, giving as much detail as possible about your intended uses for the image, and I'll get back to you with a proposal.

In the meantime, if you need low resolution images for graphics and layout comping then please just copy photos from this website.

Video Licensing

Thanks for your interest in my videos, and if you want to use one or more of them for a commercial project then there are a few ways to go about obtaining a license and a download of the video file in various formats.

Royaly Free License

If you don't need exclusive use of the video, and are happy for other parties to be able to use the same clip as well as you, then a simple royalty free (RF) license is the logical choice.

An RF license allows to to use the video clip in as many different ways as you want, for as long as you want, with no restrictions other than you can't sell or give it to a third party.

Most of the videos shown on goHOWiE.com, and quite a few that aren't, are available on a royalty free basis from my video stock library of choice, Pond5.

My videos hosted at Pond5 are in 4K and/or HD formats using the Photo-JPEG codec in a QuickTime (.mov) wrapper, and without my watermark or credits. Pricing is in US dollars only.

Rights Managed License

A rights managed (RM) license is much more specific than the RF license, in that the video is licensed for a specific use only, rather than the open use allowed by an RF license.

All the parameters of the license, such as exclusivity, time period, type of use, resolution, file format, payment method and so on are subject to negotiation.

This can make an RM license either less or more expensive than an RF license, depending on the terms of use required by the customer.

If you need a rights managed license to use a goHOWiE.com video, then please email me on howard@howardlitherland.com with as many details of your requirements as possible and I'll get back to you with a specific price covering your needs.