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This is my daughter Allie, who now holds an Honours degree in Fine Art from Nottingham Trent University.

She has been involved in art from school, completing an 'A' level in art at Yale 6th form college, Wrexham, followed by a foundation year in Wrexham college of Art and Design before taking her degree.

We have a number of her pieces around our home, and quite a large body of her work contained in various project portfolios, currently stored in our loft.

I am more than happy to have an artistic daughter, and I'm very proud to be able to present just a selection of her work here at goHOWiE.com.

To see her latest works, based in the concept video genre, then you can visit her website at allielitherland.co.uk

Surreal video by Allie starring Barbie

This is one wacky video!

Produced as Allie's final portfolio piece at the end of her first year on Nottingham Trent's fine art course, this video challenges our perception of stereotypes by using Barbie and Ken as you've never seen them before

Production, direction, story, editing and final presentation was all done by Allie, with me acting as stop motion cameraman using my trusty Canon EOS 5D

Art video by Allie exploring identity

This video clip is a part of Allie's latest art project at Nottingham Trent University, and features Allie herself as a model being made up in four different ways to show how the same person can be viewed very differently depending on how they look.

Art direction was by Allie. Makeup, hair and videography was by Allie's very talented photography student friend Emily Moya. Backing music is 'Who are you?' by the Who.

Warning. The video contains one instance of strong language near the end.


This piece is a multi-media creation. The artwork is around four feet (1.25m) tall, and is based on a surfboard shaped piece of MDF.

It symbolises the merging of two cultures, with Australian Aboriginal art patterns and colours applied to a recognised symbol of modern Australia, the surfboard.

This piece uses a lot of wire, beads and cord, together with more traditional paints, to achieve the desired effect.

We currently have this artwork on display in our living room, for our own enjoyment and to show off to our friends.


Allie made this pastel creation for us as Christmas present.

It's actually drawn on a piece of old plywood, and the grain on the surface adds a great texture which enhances the image.

I especially like the colour palette Allie used here.

Dandelion 01

This is another of Allie's pastel on plywood works, this time showing dandelions blowing in the wind.

This piece was made for a project entitled 'dispersion'.

Dandelion 02

This is another piece from Allie's 'dispersion' project.

This is a vastly different rendition of a dandelion, done in acrylic paint on card.


It's great having an artist for a daughter, as whenever we need our artwork refreshing, we can just commission a new piece as a birthday or Christmas present!

This image of a prancing horse is one such commission, and is current hanging on our living room wall for all to see.

It is quite a large piece, rendered in acrylic on canvas.


This is a small abstract of a group of musicians, done in acrylic on canvas.

Allie doesn't like this particular piece, but I love it for its colour and vibrancy, so here it is!

Shirt 01 Shirt 02

I never cease to be amazed at how quickly Allie can produce top quality artwork. She drew the logo for goHOWiE.com in about 30 seconds flat!

These two sketches of a shirt were done in college one afternoon as part of a drawing skills exersize, and I think they're absolutely brilliant.

Light Paint 01 Light Paint 01 Light Paint 03

These are just a few of the working images that Allie and I collaborated on in the production of her portfolio piece entitled 'Conceal Reveal'.

The concepts, costumes, poses and lighting ideas all came from Allie's imagination, while I provided the technical photography know how, and I also did the light painting.

This series of images was produced in our front room, which was totally blacked out for the occasion. Allie would assume her required pose and then stay very still while I opened the camera shutter and light painted around her with an LED torch.

The text was produced in the same way, with individual letters being light painted by Allie while I operated the camera. The light painted letters were then combined in Photoshop to produce the desired text, which was then superimposed over the modelled photos and manipulated to give the desired flow and shape to the words.

Conceal Reveal

This is Allie's final 'Conceal Reveal' piece, which was printed as a tryptych on three sheets of A3 photo paper and then mounted onto three pre-stretched canvases.

I really enjoyed being able to work with Allie on this project. among other things, it was a fascinating insight into the artistic mind!