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Gran Canaria Tejeda #1

Mount Teide on Tenerife from Tejeda on Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands

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The story behind this image

Exploring the volcanic uplands of Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands in our little hire car, my wife Liz and I were suprised and delighted to see the peak of Mount Teide on the neighbouring island of Tenerife, visible above the sea mist on the Atlantic horizon.

We were on our way to have a look at the small town of Tejeda high up near the centre of Gran Canaria when, after rounding a bend in the road, we came across this amazing view.

A convenient layby was all I needed for a quick photo opportunity, framing Mount Teide between two volcanic rock outcroppings, before we were on our way again to see Tejeda.

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Image data

Filename - gran canaria tejeda 01.jpg

Camera - Canon 6D

Lens - 24-105mm zoom @ 73mm

Exposure - 1/60 sec @ f8, ISO100

Filters - Polarising filter used to reduce haze and enhance colours.

Location - Near Tejeda, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

Image enhancements - Adobe Lightroom

Comments - Handheld exposure with image stabilisation.