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Centro Lago, Lake Como, Italy #3

Photo overlooking the centre (Centro Lago) of Lake Como from Varenna in northern Italy during a nighttime storm

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The story behind this image

A fortnight's holiday in the Italian Lakes gave my wife Liz and I plenty of opportunity to relax on the balcony of our apartment above the lakeside town of Varenna and just enjoy the views.

This image was shot in the middle of the night during a thunderstorm, thankfully over in the mountains on the far side of the lake.

This was just one of several hundred frames I shot that night, in order to create my Lake Como Timelaspe #5 video.

This particular frame was only one of two that featured an actual lightning strike, so makes a compelling image in its own right.

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Image data

Filename - italy como centro lago 03.jpg

Camera - Canon EOS 6D

Lens - 17-40mm zoom @ 17mm

Exposure - 15 secs @ f4, ISO200

Filters - None.

Location - Centro Lago, Lake Como, Italy

Conversion - Adobe Lightroom

Comments - Image taken from a series shot to produce a time lapse video.