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Lake and mountains #14

Photo of lake and mountains, Thirlemere, Lake District

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The story behind this image

The late afternoon sun grazes the Autumn landscape as Liz and I walk around the edge of Thirlemere, one of the hidden jewels of the Lake District.

Encompassing us are the sights, sounds and smells of the waning year, as nature slowly relaxes after a summer of frantic activity.

We relax into the mood as well, as heart rates and walking pace slow down and we gaze around in wonder at the the beauty surrounding us.

This is a time for thankfulness, for contemplation and, for me anyway, watching quietly as the light of the sun slowly retreats from the land, picking out details and textures as it goes.

We sat and watched this scene for quite some time, drinking in the stillness of the lake and woods, and a few minutes after I took this photo the sun dipped behind a hill to the west and the light was gone.

Time to reluctantly stroll back to the car and continue on our way, all the richer for having spent some time in this wondeful place.

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Image data

Filename - lake mountains 14.jpg

Camera - Nikon D3100

Lens - 18-55mm zoom @18mm

Exposure - 1/100sec @ f11, ISO100

Location - Thirlemere, Lake District

This image - 523x800px JPEG

Conversion - ACR & PS-CS2

Comments - -1.0ev exposure compensation used to preserve highlights in the sky.