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Kite Surfer, Llandudno #10

Kite surfing at Llandudno West Shore, North Wales coast

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The story behind this image

Early January 2020 and despite the freezing wind my wife Liz and I made a determined effort to get out for some fresh air and exercise, our chosen location being the West Shore promenade at Llandudno on the North Wales coast.

It was high tide as we 'enjoyed' our fight with the elements, and with a stiff onshore breeze we weren't the only ones taking some time out at the coast.

The shallow waters were quite crowded with some serious kite surfers and wind surfers, showing off their extreme moves in the howling wind.

The show was too good to pass up photographically speaking, so I braced myself against the weather and proceeded to shoot a few dozen frames using my longest lens at a high shutter speed in order to freeze the action and overcome any gust induced wobble on my part.

This kitesurfer was one of the most highly skilled, taking huge flights off waves and managing to land sucessfully almost every time.

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Image location

Image data

Filename - llandudno kite surfer 10

Lens - 100-400mm Zoom @ 400mm

Exposure - 1/400 sec @ f8, ISO200

Filters - None.

Location - Llandudno West Shore, North Wales

Image enhancements - Adobe Lightroom

Comments - Raised ISO used to allow handheld exposure with image stabilisation.