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Llandudno West Shore Sunset #10

Sunset with clouds over the Irish Sea at Llandudno, North Wales

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The story behind this image

The winter sun finds a gap in the clouds on the horizon at the North Wales coast and all of a sudden a somewhat sombre scene is transformed into a glorious display of dramatic light and colour.

I'm on the beach at Llandudno West Shore, one of the view places on this stretch of coast that you can see a sunset at any time of the year.

But winter is my favourite time, with the sun setting to the southwest over the Conwy estuary and mouth of the Menai Straits, with a sky full of broken clouds catching the warm light in a wonderful dance of light and shadow.

A brief moment in time, never to be repeated but remembered in this image.

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Image data

Filename - llandudno west shore sunset 10.jpg

Camera - Canon 6D

Lens - 24-105mm zoom @ 97mm

Exposure - 1/320 sec @ f5.6, ISO100

Filters - None.

Location - Llandudno West Shore, North Wales

Image enhancements - Adobe Lightroom

Comments - Image was significantly underexposed to emphasise the sunlight.