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Llanfairfechan Beach #6

The beach at Llanfairfechan at dusk on the North Wales coast

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The story behind this image

One of the most dynamic environments I know is the North Wales coast.

With a tidal range of up to eight metres, and huge expanses of flat beaches, the scenery can change on a minute by minute basis as the sea ebbs and flows.

One of the best places to see this ever changing landscape is at Llanfairfechan, situated right at the eastern end of the Menai Straits with a view out towards Penmon Point and Puffin Island across the waters on the Isle of Anglesey.

The beach here is huge, and home to a large number of wading birds that take full advantage of the twice daily feast as the tide goes out, revealing acres of wave washed sand.

But I'm not so interested in worms.

For me, the receding tide leaves behind dips and rises in the sand, the dips holding tidal pools that slowly drain seawards until being filled again with the turn of the tide.

These pools make wonderful foregrounds for photographs of the beach and Puffin Island, catching and reflecting whatever light is in the sky above.

So the combination of a receding tide at dusk was not to be missed, and I took full advantage of this opportunity by setting up my camera on the seawall and taking hundreds of still images in order to make my Llanfairfechan Timelapse #4 video.

This still image is one of those hundreds that I took on that lovely evening, selected because of the intensity of the twilight colours and the balance in brightness between the sky and land.

And not forgetting those tidal pools of course!

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Image data

Filename - llanfairfechan beach 06.jpg

Camera - Canon 6D

Lens - 24-105mm zoom @ 105mm

Exposure - 4 secs @ f4, ISO200

Filters - 2 stop neutral density graduated filter used to darken the sky

Location - Llanfairfechan, North Wales

This image - 800x450px JPEG

Conversion - Adobe Lightroom

Comments - Tripod and intervalometer used to prevent camera movement