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Llyn Celyn Drought #4

Llyn Celyn reservoir in Snowdonia National Park, North Wales, with low water levels during the drought of summer 2018

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The story behind this image

The summer of 2018 was pretty impressive if you're a sun lover, with clear skies and high temperatures for seemingly weeks on end across the UK.

Of course, one not so pleasant effect of the unusual weather was a water shortage, with reservoir levels well below normal for the time of year.

Here in North Wales we're not usually short of water, but even our lakes and reservoirs were looking distinctly empty by the beginning of August.

Mind you, those low water levels did make for some unusual and striking landscape views out over features that never normally see the light of day.

Such was the case here at Llyn Celyn, normally a rather picturesque body of water in the Snowdonia National Park, North Wales but in drought conditions looking like the surface of an alien world.

Far too good an opportunity to pass by without a photo shoot!

But having got the pictures, I certainly hope we now get some decent rain!

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Image data

Filename - llyn celyn drought 04.jpg

Camera - Canon 6D

Lens - 24-105mm zoom @ 24mm

Exposure - 1/10 sec @ f16, ISO100

Filters - Polarising filter used to enhance colours. Two stop neutral density graduated filter used to darken the sky.

Location - Llyn Celyn, Snowdonia National Park, North Wales

This image - 533x800px JPEG

Conversion - Adobe Lightroom

Comments - Small aperture used for increased depth of field. Tripod, cable release and mirror lockup used to prevent camera movement.