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Llyn Padarn Tree #1

Lone tree in the waters of Llyn Padarn at Llanberis in the Snowdonia National Park, North Wales

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The story behind this image

I'd been waiting for conditions like these for quite a while, ever since first visiting this stunning location on a very blustery day.

This is the famous lone tree on the shores of Llyn Padarn in the Snowdonia National Park, North Wales, right alongside the bustling town of Llanberis.

I'd first been alerted to this view by chatting to a fellow photographer while shooting a time lapse over the river Dee at Connah's Quay, and I've made a point of stopping by to check out the view every time my wife Liz and I drive past on one of our Snowdonia excursions.

But this Friday afternoon in late October 2017 was the first time I'd seen this view in calm conditions, with a clear reflection of the lone tree, forests in their autumn finery and mountains on the surface of the lake.

With light cumulus clouds wafting overhead and the warm sun bathing our faces along with the landscape it was no hardship to sit still for half an hour just admiring the views while my camera clicked away taking the hundreds of stills necessary to make my LLyn Padarn Timelapse #8 video.

Once I'd finished shooting the time lapse sequence I just couldn't leave such a lovely scene without shooting a couple more frames, this time with my camera set up for a single image. (1/2 sec @ f16 as opposed to 1/250 sec @ f4 for the time lapse).

The slower shutter speed helped to smooth the already crisp reflections, and was the perfect way to draw our stay at this wonderful spot to a close.

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Image data

Filename - llyn padarn tree 01.jpg

Camera - Canon 5D

Lens - 17-40mm zoom @ 17mm

Exposure - 1/2 sec @ f16, ISO100

Filters - Polarising filter used to enhance colours. Two stop neutral density graduated filter used to darken the sky.

Location - Llyn Padarn, Snowdonia National Park, North Wales

This image - 800x640px JPEG

Conversion - Adobe Lightroom

Comments - Tripod, cable release and mirror lock up used to prevent camera movement.