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Mawddach Estuary Panorama #2

Panoramic image of the Mawddach estuary, Snowdonia, Wales, viewed from above

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The story behind this image

High in the hills of the Snowdonia National Park, at the foot of Cader Idris, lie the beautiful Cregennan Lakes.

But it's not just the view of the lakes that takes your breath away, as just a short walk up a hill you reach this overview of the Mawddach Estuary as it reaches the West Wales coast in-between the seaside towns of Fairbourne and Barmouth.

This is just a lovely view, and with its long, thin composition it just begs to be captured as a panoramic collage.

Which is just what I did during my wife Liz's and my visit here in early summer 2017, taking in the fresh, clean air and uplifting scenery.

Good for both body and soul!

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Image data

Filename - mawddach estuary panorama 02.jpg

Camera - Canon 6D

Lens - 24-105mm zoom @ 40mm

Exposure - 1/25 sec @ f11, ISO100

Filters - 2 stop neutral density graduated filter used to balance the brightness between sky and land.

Location - Mawddach Estuary, Snowdonia National Park, Mid Wales

Conversion - Adobe Lightroom and PhotoShop CC

Comments - Panoramic image made by stitching multiple exposures