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Moel Famau Jubilee Tower #2

The ruined Jubilee Tower at dawn on the summit of Moel Famau in the Clwydian Range AONB, North Wales

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The story behind this image

Right by where I live in North East Wales there are some stunning landscapes based around the Clwydian Range Area of Natural Beauty (AONB).

The highest peak in the Clwydian range is Moel Famau, so I guess it was only natural to try and build a tower on top, to commemorate the golden jubilee of King George III (the mad one).

The tower didn't last long, and was blown down by a storm in 1862, leaving a stump that has remained as a landmark on the summit of Moel Famau ever since.

I've climbed Moel Famau on occasions too numerous to mention and taken dozens of photos of the ruined tower under a wide range of lighting and weather conditions over the years, and no doubt I'll continue to do so until my legs give way!

This particular image was taken around 5.30am on a crisp spring morning in late March 2017, at the time of day when the sky is just starting to lighten from the east, but is still dark enough for the stars to be visible in the deep blue of the heavens above.

A long exposure of thirty seconds allowed me the time to play at light painting the tower and Offa's Dyke signpost with my LED torch, with varying degrees of success.

Of the several attempts I made before the light of day became too bright to see the stars, this one was my favourite, with a lovely balance between the different types of lighting across the scene.

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Image data

Filename - moel famau jubilee tower 02.jpg

Camera - Canon 6D

Lens - 24-105mm zoom @ 24mm

Exposure - 30 secs @ f4, ISO3200

Filters - None.

Location - Summit of Moel Famau, North Wales

This image - 800x569px JPEG

Conversion - Adobe Lightroom

Comments - Tripod, mirror lockup and cable release used to prevent camera movement.