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Electricity Pylon, Deeside, North Wales #3

Electricity pylon, Deeside, North Wales

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The story behind this image

Even in the heavily industrialised landscapes around Connah's Quay on the estuary of the River Dee in North Wales you can still find corridors of natural habitat, co-existing in a kind of harmony with factories, power plants, roads and, of course, electricity pylons, channeling the lifeblood of our technological society around the country like veins and arteries circulating blood through a body.

So as my wife Liz and I were enjoying a stroll on the Wales coastal path along the banks of the Dee on a beautiful spring afternoon I decided to embrace the pylons (photographically speaking only!) and included them in a series of images, juxtaposing and contrasting the natural world with the manmade.

I wonder, if I were to walk this path again in a hundred years, would those pylons still be standing?

I know the trees would!

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Image location

Image data

Filename - pylon electricity 03

Camera - Canon EOS6DMK2 DSLR

Lens - 24-105mm zoom @ 35mm

Exposure - 1/100 sec @ f/8, ISO100

Filters - Polarising filter used to enhance colours.

Location - Deeside, North Wales

Image enhancements - Adobe Lightroom

Comments - Image underexposed slightly to preserve highlights.