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River and trees #2

Photo of autumn trees and river, Aira Force, Ullswater, Lake District

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The story behind this image

Aira Force is an impressive series of waterfalls, running eventually into Ullswater, one of the Lake District's most lovely stretches of water.

There's a well worn path along the river up to the falls which takes you through some lovely old oak woods, which is where my wife Liz and I found ourselves one gloomy and overcast Autumn day.

Gloomy and overcaat isn't too nice for hiking, but it's ideal for photographing moving water and woodland colours so I made the most of the opportunity.

I used a moderately slow shutter speed to blur the water, but not so slow that all the details were turned to a milky whiteness.

The contrast of the flowing water against the autumn woodland is a classic composition, beloved of landscape photographers all over the world, and the Lake District on a dull autumn day is one of the finest places to experience such delights.

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Image data

Filename - river trees 02.jpg

Camera - Canon 5D

Lens - 24-105mm zoom @40mm

Exposure - 0.6sec @ f11, ISO100

Location - Aira Force, Ullswater, Lake District

This image - 800x640px JPEG

Conversion - ACR & PS-CS2

Comments - Long exposure used to blur water.