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Trawsfynydd Magnox Nuclear Power Station, Wales #3

Trawsfynydd magnox nuclear power station, Wales

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The story behind this image

One of the most curious juxtapositions in the whole of North Wales.

This is the Trawsfynydd Magnox nuclear power station, now in the process of being decommissioned.

Its massive 60s' brutalist concrete architecture is surrounded by some of the loveliest and unspoilt countryside to be seen anywhere, with the lake, rolling hills and ancient woodlands butting up against deserted car parks and crumbling infrastructure.

And yet, in the power station's sheer size and ugliness there's a strange attraction, and while the towers were in sight I couldn't help but gaze at them in awe.

So naturally I took many, many photos of the structure from various viewpoints as my wife Liz and I hiked along the lakeside path, immersed in so much natural beauty and yet curiously drawn to this relic of an industrial age gone by.

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Image data

Filename - trawsfynydd nuclear power station 03

Camera - Canon EOS 6DMK2 DSLR

Lens - 24-105mm zoom @ 32mm

Exposure - Various @ f/8, ISO100

Filters - Polarising filter used to enhance colours.

Location - Llyn Trawsfynydd, Wales

Image enhancements - Adobe Lightroom

Comments - This image is an HDR (high dynamic range) blend of five separate exposures, each 1 stop apart.