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Waterfall #25

Waterfall, Ullswater, Lake District

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The story behind this image

If, like me, you love being near water then the Lake District in the north of England is definitely the place for you.

From huge bodies of water to rivers, streams and waterfalls, the Lake District has it all, and even when the skies are grey, as they were during our last visit, there's still plenty of delightful scenery to enjoy.

Indeed, some water based scenes can only be fully appreciated, and photographed sympathetically, under flat lighting.

Waterfalls are one such example of moving water that benefits from dull overcast lighting when being photographed. We all love a bright sunny day, but try photographing a waterfall under such conditions and all you'll get is a horrible white burnt out mess of an exposure. No, dull lighting is the ideal for photographing waterfalls, such as this one on a small river which feeds into Ullswater.

Under dull lighting, with a slow exposure, all the wonderful texture and pattern of the flowing water can be revealed, while still retaining some detail in the surrounding rocks.

Compose carefully to give a dynamic structure to the image (diagonals are good for this) and there you are.

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Image data

Filename - waterfall 25.jpg

Camera - Canon 5D

Lens - 24-105mm zoom @ 24mm

Exposure - 1/2sec @ f16, ISO200

Location - Ullswater, Lake District

This image - 585x800px JPEG

Conversion - ACR & PS-CS2

Comments - Slow shutter speed used to blur movement. Tripod, mirror lockup and cable release used to prevent camera movement.