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Waves at Penmon

There are sounds that, for me, are intimately linked to one of my favourite places, Penmon Point on the island of Anglesey.

Once or twice a year, usually in the summer, I'll get up super early and make the 90 minute drive to be here for sunrise, which is a wonderful time here on the Anglesey coast.

As usual, I'll be taking photos, but this visit I had my Canon camera set up on a timer, taking stills for my 'Penmon timelapse 1' video of the sunrise.

That meant I was free to take my other camera, a Nikon D3100 with sound and video recording facilities, and head down the shingle beach to record the sounds of Penmon.

The morning was completely still, with just the gentle sussuration of wavelets kissing the pebbles, with the mournful cry of seagulls punctuating the background sound.

Every 30 seconds a doleful warning bell echoes out from the lighthouse, adding to the other-worldly experience of being here alone.

Whenever I need a reminder of a special place, I can listen to the sounds of one of my favourites, Penmon Point on the wonderful island of Anglesey.