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Crummock Water Timelapse #1

The story behind this video

I didn't hold out much hope of any decent photography during the three day weekend in the Lake District my wife Liz and I planned for late November 2017.

Not exactly the time of year for dry weather in this part of the world - those lakes are there for a reason!

But in the end I was pleasantly suprised as the weather on the Saturday and Sunday turned out to be great, with a mixture of sunshine and cloud throwing lovely low angled light on the late autumn colours of this iconic landscape.

Late in the afternoon, with the sun on the cusp of setting, we pulled in at the side of the little visited Crummock Water to see how the sky would develop after the sun had dipped below the mountains behind the lake.

I immediately spotted this fence partially submerged in the water and pointing directly at a dip between the hills.

'What a great feature' I thought to myself as I quickly set my camera up on the lakeshore to record a few hundred frames for this time lapse video, with the fence line pointing diagonally through the camera's viewfinder.

As time when by and the light levels dropped the scene took on a wonderful steely monochromatic feel as the cool blue tones of twilight reflected from the sky above in the waters below.

I kept on filming for quite a while, until all vestiges of colour had fled the scene, before packing away in the cold ready for the long, dark drive back to our cottage.

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Video data

Filename - crummock water timelapse 01.mp4

Camera - Canon EOS 6D

Lens - 17-40mm zoom @ 17mm

Exposure (start of sequence) - 2 secs @ f4, ISO100
Exposure (end of sequence) - 4 secs @ f4, ISO3200

Filters - 6 stop neutral density filter used to slow the exposure and allow the warer to blur. Two stop neutral density graduated filter used to balance the exposure between the sky and land.

Shooting interval - 6 seconds

Location - Crummock Water, Lake District, England

This clip - HD 720p, 30fps

Clip duration - 20 seconds