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Deganwy Timelapse #3

The story behind this video

The North Wales coast is a great place from which to view sunsets, once the spring equinox is passed and the sun hits the horizon to the north of west, out over the Irish Sea.

My wife Liz and I have serval 'go to' sunset spots along the coast, each offering a different viewpoint and shoreline features.

A nice, easy to get to viewpoint is the promenade at Deganwy on the tidal estuary of the river Conwy, just as it reaches the sea.

Catch this spot in the ideal conditions of a slack tide on a windless evening, and the waters of the estuary become still, offering a mirror-like surface in which the sky is reflected beautifully.

Such was the case on this particular evening in late April 2018, and while Liz sat knitting and watching the sunset develop overhead, together with its reflection in the waters below, I was out on the beach, shooting this time lapse sequence in three parts, taking in the sunset and cloud action as the natural light bled from the skies.

A lovely way to end a day out on the North Wales coast.