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Dinas Dinlle Moonset Timelapse #1

License this video (4K and HD formats available)

The story behind this video

My wife Liz and I had spent a lovely day in early Autumn 2020 exploring some of our well loved beauty spots in and around the mountains of the Snowdonia National Park, basking in the warm sunshine.

Loth just to go home by the quickest route, we decided to cut through the mountains to the coast at Dinas Dinlle to have a look at the sunset out over the Irish Sea.

Arriving at low tide, and with striking patterns of light and dark on the beach below us caused by sunlight on tidal pools, it was very quickly out with the camera and tripod to capture the hundreds of still images I needed to create my Dinas Dinlle Sunset Timelapse #1 and Dinas Dinlle Dusk Timelapse #1 videos of the beautiful sunset and dusk colours, reflecting in the calm waters of the tidal pools and runoff streams adorning the beach.

But that wasn't the end of our time at Dinas Dinlle, as we stayed watching and filming as the new crescent moon set behind light clouds, in order to create this video, and then on into the night, marvelling at the Milky Way tracking through the wonderfully dark skies.

But that's a story for another video, which you can watch by following this link:

Dinas Dinlle Milky Way Timelapse #1

Video data

Filename - dinas dinlle moonset timelapse 01

Camera - Canon EOS 6D

Lens - 100-400mm zoom @ 100mm

Exposure (start of sequence) - 1/6 sec @ f4.5, ISO100
Exposure (end of sequence) - 4 secs @ f4.5, ISO100

Filters - None.

Shooting interval - 6 seconds

Location - Dinas Dinlle, North Wales

This clip - HD 720p, 30fps (4K and HD formats also available)

Clip duration - 16 seconds