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Llyn Mymbyr Time Lapse #9

The story behind this video

Mean, moody and magnificent, in bad weather the Snowdonia National Park never fails to stir the soul with its untamed grandeur.

And one of the most jaw dropping views when the weather is kicking off (as it does quite often in this part of the world!) is this scene of the Snowdon Horseshoe ridge and peaks, as seen looking west from the shores of Llyn Mymbyr.

Warm, moist air coming off the Irish Sea is forced upwards by the mountains, cooling and condensing into a swirling mealstrom of storm clouds forming and dissolving around the high peaks in a never ending atmospheric battle.

Add with a dusting of snow on the slopes and you've got a recipe for some great bad weather photography.

But while a still image is great in itself, I find that the drama of a time lapse video, speeding up the cloud movement by a factor of sixty in this case, really catches the mood of Snowdonia in bad weather.

I'm just glad the clouds stayed over Snowdon and didn't start raining on me!

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Video data

Filename - llyn mymbyr timelapse 09.mp4

Camera - Canon 6D

Lens - 24-105mm zoom @ 105mm

Exposure (start of sequence) - 1/40 sec @ f4, ISO100
Exposure (end of sequence) - 1/40 sec @ f4, ISO100

Filters - Two stop neutral density graduated filter used to darken the sky. Polarising filter used to reduce haze and ehnance colours.

Shooting interval - 2 seconds

Location - Llyn Mymbyr, Snowdonia National Park, North Wales

This clip - HD 720p 30fps

Clip duration - 19 secs