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Rhuddlan Castle #1

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The story behind this video

I was driving along on my way to Rhyl on the North Wales coast when I passed by Rhuddlan, just a few miles from my destination.

Glancing over I saw that the imposing Rhuddlan castle on the banks of the river Clwyd was bathed in dramatic sunlight while the landscape all around was shrouded in shadow.

I had some time before needing to be at Rhyl to catch the sunset, so I diverted off into the small town of Rhuddlan to get a better view.

Parking up, I walked with my camera gear to the bridge over the river, giving me this lovely view of the castle and surrounding countryide.

The sun was playing hide and seek behind me, in and out of the passing clouds, with patches of sunlight and shadow racing across the scene.

So I wasted no time in setting up my gear to take the hundreds of still images needed to make my Rhuddlan Castle Time Lapse #1 clip.

Having finished shooting the stills for the time lapse I was loth to tear myself away from such dynamic lighting, so I also shot this short clip showing the scene in 'real time'

Video data

Filename - rhuddlan castle 01.mp4

Camera - Canon EOS 6D

Lens - 24-105 zoom @ 55mm

Exposure - 1/60 sec @ f8, ISO100

Filters - 2 stop neutral density filter used to reduce the brightness of the sky.

Location - Rhuddlan, North Wales

This clip - HD 720p, 30fps (5K, 4K, HD and web formats also available)

Clip duration - 52 seconds