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Tenerife El Roque Timelapse #1

License this video (4k+ and 1080p HD formats available)

The story behind this video

The week's winter break that my wife Liz and I enjoyed on Tenerife in the Canary Islands gave me some great opportunities to shoot time lapse videos, as there was an unusual amount of cloud action over the island's volcanic landscape during our stay at Costa Adeje on the south coast.

Normally the skies over the southern half of Tenerife are pretty bland - just boring blue with never a cloud in sight from dawn till dusk, but during our week's stay in January 2020 we were treated to some quite dramatic cloud formations.

Now a mountainous landscape with clouds blowing across is photographic meat and drink to me, so it was no wonder that we ended up stopping our little hire car in every conceiveable layby as we travelled around so I could get out and check the scenery for still image and time lapse potential.

I struck visual gold at El Roque, with this view looking northwards towards Tenerife's volcanic interior as heavy cumulus clouds boiled over the peaks and valleys, casting a moving patchwork of sunlight and shadow over the landscape below.

And all filmed while I was in Tee shirt, shorts and sandals - try that in North Wales in January!

Video data

Filename - tenerife el roque timelapse 01

Camera - Canon EOS 6D

Lens - 17-40mm zoom @ 17mm

Exposure (start of sequence) - 1/160 sec @ f4, ISO100
Exposure (end of sequence) - 1/160 sec @ f4, ISO100

Filters - Polarising filter used to enhance colours. 2 stop neutral density graduated filter used to reduce the brightness of the sky.

Shooting interval - 2 seconds

Location - El Roque, Tenerife, Canary Islands

This clip - HD 720p, 30fps (4K+, and 1080p HD formats also available)

Clip duration - 17 seconds