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Windfarm Sunset Timelapse #4

The story behind this video

Wow! A summer sunset on the North Wales coast with relatively clear skies and no wind - quite a rare combination of meteorological and astronomical happenings, and not something to be wasted sitting indoors watching the telly!

So after tea it was off to the coast for Liz and me, to enjoy the sea air and watch the sunset unfold.

But where to go, with so many beautiful places to choose from?

In the end it was my knowledge from previous experiences that dicated that we went to Rhyl, not because Rhyl is the loveliest of seaside locations, but rather that I knew that at this time of year the sun would be setting over the wonderful Colwyn Bay wind farm, and with no wind I could use my 100-400mm zoom lens to shoot a time lapse sequence without the video jumping around as would be the case in anything more than flat calm with this long lens attached.

So we spent a happy forty five minutes sitting on the sea wall while my camera clicked away as the setting sun.

In the end we didn't get the clear horizon we were hoping for, with the sun setting instead into a bank of cloud to the west.

But no matter, as the clouds worked in my favour, reducing the brightness of the sun's orb and catching the dusk colours beautifully once the sun had dipped below the horizon and the scene faded into night.

All in all, a lovely evening - definitely to be repeated!

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Sequence #1
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Video data

Filename - windfarm sunset timelapse 04.mp4

Camera - Canon EOS 6D

Lens (1st sequence) - 100-400mm zoom @ 310mm
Lens (2nd sequence) - 100-400mm zoom @ 100mm

Exposure (start of clip) - 1/1600 sec @ f5.6, ISO200
Exposure (end of sequence) - 1/500 secs @ f4.5, ISO200

Filters - None.

Shooting interval - 3 seconds

Location - Rhyl, North Wales

This clip - HD 720p, 30fps

Clip duration - 25 seconds