The Howard Litherland Synergy Range of Fine Art Photographs
The Howard Litherland Synergy Range of Fine Art Photographs

Lily #2 - Limited and Open Edition Prints

Lily #2 limited and open edition prints

About this work

I like lilies.

With an eye catching blend of colours, forms and textures, these flowers can be both subtle or dramatic, depending on the phase of their flowering cycle.

For this particular work I pictured the flower on the cusp of opening, focusing narrowly on just the petal tips while allowing the rest of the flower to gently blur into a riot of pinks and magentas in order to convey a sense of mystery and anticipation without showing too much detail.

This image was shortlisted in a UK national photography competition, so I'm not the only one who appreciates the lily!

Edition details and pricing

Read more about these different editions by following the links below.

Limited edition of 50 mounted and framed canvas prints

Open edition of mounted and matted paper prints, size 20"x16"

Open edition of mounted and matted paper prints, size 14"x11"

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