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about Howie

Howie mugshot

To look at I'm a pretty ordinary guy, but I like to think it's what lies beneath that really counts!

If you were to ask anyone who they were, you would get a wide range of different responses depending on what was really important to that person. For instance, someone might say 'I'm a teacher' or, 'I'm a dad' or 'I'm a businessman' and so on.

For me to answer that question I would have to say that 'I'm a Christian', as, from the age of 18 (a long time ago now), following Jesus has been the most important thing in my life. Everything else that I am or do is only temporary, but my faith in Christ is for eternity, and affects everything else about me, including my photography.

I photograph an eclectic mix of subjects, but my main passion and motivation is to show the beauty of what God has made. Therefore I tend towards photographing the natural world, especially enjoying making media/images 'on the edge'. This means 'on the edge' of light, at twilight, sunrise and sunset, 'on the edge' of weather systems, 'on the edge' of changes in the seasons, 'on the edge' where sky, sea and land meet in an ever changing tapestry of light and movement.

I'm especially attracted to the dynamic in the landscape, and will seek out moving elements, such as water and clouds to add that sense of drama and life to my media/images. I hope some of that comes through as you browse the galleries and the featured photo pages on my site.

Howie's family

But of course, there's plenty more to me than just photography. I'm a serious family guy, blessed with all the richness that comes from being married, having children and even grandchildren. Now I know what you're thinking - Howie doesn't look old enough! - well, as the saying goes - it's not the age but the mileage that counts!

I make a living as a sort of technical sales engineer, who also dabbles in technical photography and video production. It's really hard to describe what I do in my job, as there's such a great variety of stuff to cover, and I really enjoy the work and the social aspect of being with my colleauges in the factory. You can check out some of what I do for a living ..here..

As well as all that I'm also very invovled with my local church, the King's Christian Centre in Mold, North Wales. We're a lively bunch and there's always something interesting going on. You can find out more about us by clicking this link.

Kings church Howie and Liz

Somehow I manage to cram a few other hobbies into this full life! Most of my leisure tine is taken up doing stuff related to photography, and both my wife Liz and I enjoy walking in the beautiful countryside, hills and coast nearby to where we live in North Wales. With an eye open for every opportunity I try and time these excursions for either dawn or dusk, and my long suffering wife has to put up with frequent photo stops and diversions to interesting looking views. She is very patient and gracious, and is getting into photography and painting as well, using her 8MP mobile phone camera to produce some scarily good compositions which she then converts to watercolours back at home.